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The best traditional recipes for roasted dishes, from a Sunday beef roast with Yorkshire pudding and rack of lamb with herb crust to stuffed roast goose, pheasant, and veal.


Leading chef Laura Mason gives you all the best techniques for sourcing, preparing, and roasting all kinds of meat: beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, duck, goose, and various game, including partridge, grouse, and woodcock. To make the absolute most of this most prized food, the author explains the various cuts of meat (and what cuts work best with various recipes), as well as ideal roasting times for a rare or well-done piece of meat. Plus, of course, she covers the use of marinating, barding, larding, basting, and dredging.

The recipes would not be complete without a range of potato and vegetable dishes that make ideal accompaniments, from the best roasted and mashed potatoes to gratins, gravies, and sauces. And, last but not least, the book provides a wealth of ideas for using leftover meat for weekday meals--from pies and soups to stews and sandwiches, the traditional Sunday roast can be the source of much more than one delicious meal.

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