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Vintage Olive Jar

A Mediterranean staple.

Olives and olive oil have been staples of Mediterranean cooking for thousands of years. These vintage olive jars were used to cure and store olives and their fine oils in kitchens across Europe. Bring a taste of the Mediterranean home with one of our handpicked vessels. Each jar bears individual marks of use and history.

Product Details

Dimensions Mini (in):Approximately 5 diameter x 7h

Dimensions Small (in): Approximately 7 diameter x 11h

Dimensions Medium (in): Approximately 11 diameter x 17h

Dimensions Large (in): Approximately 14 diameter x 21h

Material: Terracotta, non-water-tight
Finish: Glaze

Please note, this is a vintage item. Size, color, and condition vary.

Due to its vintage and delicate nature, we recommend treating this product with care.

Lead Time

Please allow 5 - 7 business days for this item to ship.