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About Boxwood Avenue

Here at Boxwood Avenue, we believe that you don’t need more, you need meaningful™, and that there is luxury in simplicity™.

Hello, I’m Chloe!

Celebrating the beauty of old-world living has always been a part of my life. My father’s side of the family is from France and learning how to appreciate my heritage came in the form of learning old family recipes, how to sew, and living life the “French way”. 

It wasn’t until I transitioned from city life to life in a town where the population cattle outnumbers the population of people, that I truly began to integrate the art of slow-living into my daily routine. Sounds of traffic turned into the rhythm of nature, manicured lawns turned into spaces that welcomed dandelions and unruly brush, and a quaint 1960’s ranch house became my sanctuary from which I dreamed of building Boxwood Avenue. 

Much like untamed ivy, Boxwood Avenue has grown in a way that highlights the beauty of simplicity: a place of inspiration, education, and exploration of living more meaningfully with each sunrise.

I discovered where happiness comes from: the satisfaction of a job well done and the appreciation of what is, taking pride in simple tasks, and living gratefully…Butternut would kill me if I didn’t mention evening goat walks.

Finding the luxury in simplicity does not require moving to a remote location, nor does it exclude the appreciation of the energy of bustling cities. Regardless of who you are and where you are rooted, creating moments of honesty, intention, and appreciation in life is always within reach. Whether it’s the way a morning sunrise hits the steam of your coffee or the appreciation of the life of vintage and antique pieces, the ethos of Boxwood Avenue emerges from the sum of the little moments throughout life. 

I hope to create a space that shares those little moments of happiness with you. Whether that be reliving a precious memory with your grandma as you make her famous pie crust, or sew a new dress from fabric your aunt gave you. Boxwood Avenue is a place where we can come together and appreciate beautiful design, old world traditions, and slow living.

I wanted to continue nurturing my quest for meaningful living, while being creative and that’s when I discovered I was infatuated with interior design. It combined everything I loved while producing a beautiful finished project that would become the vessel for everything meaningful: conversations around the dinner table, late night reading in a cozy nook, and enjoying the sunset with loved ones.

As the interiors side of the business grew, so did my want for connection. I always wanted a brick and mortar shop and as I learned more of the world around me, I wanted to bring those experiences to others. So, I opened up the Mercantile. It has been so fun to meet everyone through the shop – some of you have been following since day one! I am so thankful. Our Boxwood journey is really just getting started, so come along for the adventure!


Chloe MacKintosh


Boxwood Avenue is a lifestyle site reigniting the beauty of making.

A place where slow living Is relished and encouraged; we believe in the old world traditions that make for a simple and fulfilled life. A place where slow living Is relished and encouraged; we believe in the old world traditions that make for a simple and fulfilled life.

Chloe jokes she is a girl relocated from Miu Miu to moo moo, uprooted from urban living, she is a green juice & quinoa kind of girl, living in a meat and potato kind of world. Since moving to the ranch, Chloe discovered the sense of pride in working with your hands, growing a garden, and cooking from scratch.

She started Boxwood Avenue to share the joy of a first harvest, a nap beneath the apple trees, or a walk through a field blanketed in sunshine.

In addition to the blog, Chloe curates a shop of beautiful goods sourced from around the globe. The shop features many hand made items from artisans, antiques, and vintage finds. Chloe searches high and low to provide little treasures that add character to your home.

Chloe also serves a select number of clients each year to provide interior design services. She specializes in renovation projects and assisting in adding character to new builds. Please email for more information.

Lori Behle


Lori and Chloe became friends during Lori's residency in Likely.

Lori's warm personality and calm demeanor is a breath of fresh air. She is a friend to everyone she meets and brings a sense of peace to the team.

Before moving back to her home state of Nebraska, Lori became an integral part of Boxwood and now works remotely in the Great state of NE.

As Chloe's right hand gal, Lori keeps the train rolling and handles client communications, system implementation, and brand strategy.

To get in touch with us, it's best to contact Lori!